About Rabel

Rabel Studio owned by the Architect Raffaele Belgiovine.

My strategy for each individual project (often times multitasking many on-going projects at one time), is to follow every aspect of the phase: clients desires and requests,concept,design, selection of materials and interior design/decor, execution and delivery.

Over ten years of experience in planning and design. I have successfully run my own independent architecture practice in Rome, Italy. I have proven experience having worked on a variety of projects such as home renovations, retail businesses and have continued to engage in furthering my education in with an Autodesk Revit course in 2018.

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Design Process

From conception to completion


The design begins meeting my client to know their ideas and desires.

Design & Development

This Phase transform client idea in drawings. It will choose all materials, from tiles to furnitures and it will prepared renders.

Budget & Analysis

In this phase it will eleborate the total cost of the project and the business plan and alternative solutions will be found  to respect the budget.

Execution & Installation

After defined all the details with the client and prepared the technical drawings, we start with the executive phase on the construction site that ends with the delivery.